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Essential Elements For Email Marketing

Email marketing is relied upon by many event professionals as a primary means of event promotion. Almost everyone in the industry sends and receives hundreds if not thousands of email invitations each year.

In my short time as an event coordinator I’ve literally seen the good, the bad and a few just plain ugly email campaigns! Knowing how to design and execute a successful email campaign will directly affect the success of your event. So here is a checklist of essential elements you need to include in your email marketing efforts:

□ An Eye-catching subject line

□ “View As A Webpage” link at the top of the page – this is especially important if you are using a lot of images

□ A header image that is consistent with the event branding on your website

□ A short and sweet newspaper style headline

□  A call to action above the fold

□ The logistics – clearly identify who, what, where and when

□ The key benefits of attending

□ Anyspecial incentives or discounts

□ A second call to action mid email

□ A link to more information

□ A third call to action at the end of the email if the body of your email is more than two short paragraphs

□ Your best practices footer INCLUDING the option to opt-out and/or unsubscribe

Making Your Content Work

Unfortunately these elements alone are not the secret recipe to success. There are many other important considerations to making your content work. For example, when designing your email you need to remember to keep it simple. Although using images or advanced HTML may look pretty it’s not always practical for your reader and may increase the chances of your emails getting caught up in a spam filter. Additionally you need to be sure that your emails are mobile and tablet friendly.

Experts also encourage that you personalize your email campaigns so that each recipient feels like the email was specifically written to them. This goes further than simply addressing your message with “Dear {[Insert Name]}”. The content they receive should actually be of interest to them. In order to accomplish this you may find it helpful to create fields in your contact database that allow you to filter content for a specific group of recipients.

Once you have drafted your emails to your satisfaction don’t forget to proof-read. You may think this goes without saying, but typos happen and you want to catch any that you may have made BEFORE you hit send.

Make it Last

Regardless of what type of event you are marketing for it’s crucial to remember that your email campaign isn’t just about driving registration. Each email you send should be part of an effort to build lasting relationships, not only with your subscribers but also with your sponsors. As I eluded in the outset your emails set the tone for your event, making a first impression long before the doors ever open. Now it’s up to you to make sure it’s the right impression.